Vini DOC Piave / Piave DOC wines
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Our family’s wine-making experience begins with our grandfather Antonio who was born to the sharecropping Liberali family of Montebelluna in 1898. His son Lorenzo inherited his passion for the land, continuing to work that which belonged to the heirs of the Liberali family, as well as that of the Rossi family of Ferrara, until the late ‘60s when at the end of the sharecropping era, he was offered the chance to buy the land.

Being aware of the sacrifices that would have to be made, and with the support of his family and particularly his son Luca who was born in 1976, the company has been able continue its tradition. A passionate enologist, Luca took over the management of the company in 2006 and began to research the cultivation of vines of whose best could be brought out in these areas, and in the spirit of sustainable development, began using the most environmentally friendly viticultural methods.

Applying the most cutting edge of viticulture technology, he has achieved excellent results in the production of quality wines that are distinguished by their character and personality. Encouraged by its results the company is currently expanding by choosing the best land and that which is best suited to our variety of wines, as well as salvaging and valorising vines such as Manzoni Bianco and Carmenère.