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The Winery

Barbon family

Winemakers since 1898

Our family's winemaking experience begins with grandfather Antonio, who was born in 1898, and who was a sharecropper for the Liberali family of Montebelluna. Antonio’s son Lorenzo inherited his father’s passion for farming, continuing to work the land of the Liberali family heirs, Ferrara's Rossi family, until he was - in the late 1960s when sharecropping became a thing of the past- offered ownership of the land. Aware of the sacrifices that he would have to make, and thanks to the support of his family and especially his son Luca, the company was able to carry on its tradition.


Sustainability with character

In 2006 Luca, a passionate oenologist took over the running of the company and began to look into the cultivation of vines that would be best suited to the territory, reintroducing and valorising varieties such as Manzoni Bianco and Carmenère.
Integrated pest management and manual harvesting are fundamental to viticulture practices that are environmentally friendly, and true to the spirit of sustainable development.
Drawing on cutting edge winemaking technology, the result is excellence in the production of wines of quality that shine with character and personality.

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