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On the Piave floodplain

Throughout its centuries-long meandering in search of a definitive path through the upper-Treviso high plains, the Piave river has withstood not only flooding but all manner of upheavals, resulting in loose alluvial soils that are rich in limestone.

“Il vino. È la poesia della terra.”
(Mario Soldati, 1959)


The vineyards are located in what was once the Piave riverbed, where valleys still alternate with areas of higher ground - indelible markings that trace out a unique territory.


The loose, limestone-rich alluvial soil, sedimented over the millennia by the Piave river, gives the grapes their minerality.


The mild climate, excellent light exposure, and requisite temperature range permit the grapes to preserve their aromas while ripening.

Integrated pest management

Our goal is achieving environmental sustainability, therefore we use integrated pest management that incorporates low-impact products in order to protect our vines.

Hand harvesting

This ancient art has been handed down from father to son, and is to this day a fundamental element in obtaining high quality wines.

Vegan certification

This certification is your guarantee that our wines adhere to ethical standards, and are free of allergens originating from animals.


The ideal habitat for vines

This uniquely characteristic land is the ideal habitat for vine cultivation, to whose traits of exceptional quality one can add the particular factors of light and climate. This is the environment in which the Barbon family works, whose “Tenuta”, which has been cultivating vines for three generations, is nestled within the area reserved for the production of Venezia DOC wines.

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