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Brioso Extra Dry

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Brioso Extra Dry

Vino Spumante Bianco

The perfect combination of Glera and Chardonnay grapes results in a pleasant and “lively” companion that can be enjoyed with every meal. Its straw-yellow colour and intense, aromatic fruity scent, and soft, fresh, and fragrant flavor, make it an ideal wine for any time of the day and for all occasions.

Alcohol: 11.5% vol.

Pairings: delicious as an appetiser or with starters, it is a perfect pairing with Mediterranean-style dishes, and is excellent throughout the entire meal.

Ricicla e salva l’ambiente!

GL71 ALU 41 FE40 FOR51
Glass Alluminium and metal Alluminium and metal Cork
Separate waste collection Special separate collection or separate collection for organic waste
Check the regulations of your municipality. Separate the different parts and dispose them correctly.


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